Stepping Up for 2016

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Happy New Year Everyone!!

The new year tends to bring with it a feeling of hope and anticipation in our lives.  It’s great to have a renewed spirit of health, happiness and prosperity.  With that, we focus on resolutions.  Goals.

It’s so important to have goals!  So I encourage you to set them.  Plan for them.  Can I give you some advice though?  Make them SMART.  I believe the reason that most people don’t succeed on their goals is they don’t create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals. SMART

I was appalled recently to see a statistic from a University of Scranton study that determined that only 8% of the people making resolutions will achieve them.   The number one goal year after year seems to be “To Lose Weight”.  This is not a SMART goal.  Here’s why…

To lose weight is the end result but most of us don’t realize to say I want to lose weight is like “I want to fly to the moon”.  It’s great, it’s exciting, would be fantastic to see it come true.  But you realize in order to get to the moon there are many, many steps that need to happen to get there!

So if your goal is to lose weight in the New Year, start by realizing you need to set smaller goals, specific, measurable, achievable/realistic and timely goals that will lead you to the weight loss occurring.  For example, think about the healthy habits you need to incorporate into your daily lifestyle – fluid intake, fruits & vegetable, balanced meals, not skipping meals.   And then evaluate where you are at and make a realistic goal such as this:  I will eat 3 servings of fruits & vegetables every day by adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal &/or snack eaten during the day.  I will be consistently eating 3 servings by the end of this week.

I hope this helps you to create SMART goals this year!  For more information, join our live webinar “Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle – One Step at a Time” Tuesday January 5th at 12 pm EST.  Register here.

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