Shortcuts for the Kitchen – August

Here we go,  It’s BLT time!!  There’s nothing like the homegrown tomatoes with bacon and lettuce on a lightly toasted (whole grain) sandwich…  But cooking the bacon is the messiest part of the job right?  Well, I’ve recently learned to make nice and crispy bacon in the oven.  That’s right, in the oven.

Shortcut #1 – Oven Baked Bacon:  Watch video here.

**Bonus tip:  Buy your bacon at the butcher’s counter for nitrate free bacon.

What goes best with a BLT?  Corn on the cob of course!  The worse part about corn on the cob is husking the cob.  Watch this video to learn how to remove all of those tiny silk hairs from your corn.

Shortcut #2 – Oven Baked (or microwaved) Corn on the Cob:  Watch video here.

Bonus tip #2:  Get in at least a 20 minute workout while everything is baking in the oven.  What a great summer meal.

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