Laura Poland, RD

What is your “go-to” cookbook?

I have enjoyed the dietetics profession for over 25 years. My passion has become working in the preventative health care area. I truly enjoy helping others achieve optimal health – becoming Nutritionally Fit! I also enjoy giving presentations and working with groups to focus on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.

My current goal is to promote health and wellness through the services offered at Dietitian in Your Kitchen. It is from my work as a nutrition counselor that I have found a disconnect for many of my clients – we know about nutrition, health, and wellness, but then the practicality of making it work in our daily lives can be a different story. There seem to be many obstacles that get in the way. My goal is to provide the keys and knowledge to establish meal planning skills to overcome these obstacles. I empower all of my clients to become Nutritionally Fit!

Specialties: Public Speaker; Certified Personal Trainer; Registered Dietitian; Certified in Adult and Childhood  & Adolescence Weight Management; COPE Certified Health Coach through Villanova College of Nursing.