Individual Coaching Program


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Get Nutritionally Fit!  This comprehensive 8 session program will challenge you to follow a new goal each week.  From diet to exercise to sleep, we will cover 8 specific goals to get you Nutritionally Fit.  Initial consults will also provide you with a personal meal plan, meal planning tips and 20 seasonal menus!

This program has it all:

  • eight 15-30 minute individual consults with Laura*

  • eight session goals based on building a healthy lifestyle

  • unlimited messaging communication and real-time tracking via Healthie app

  • personal meal plan

  • meal planning guide

  • 20 seasonal menus

*All sessions will be done via Healthie.  If you prefer in person for our first visit please call Laura to schedule.

24-hour cancellation policy: we politely request clients contact the Dietitian at least 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments.  If appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand, the scheduled consultation will be billed. 

For ALL Nutrition Coaching services, please email Laura to discuss your goals prior to scheduling your first session.