Nutrition Services


Call Laura to review your personal goals

Having a dietitian as a coach is ideal!  You will develop a close partnership with Laura to provide structure, accountability, inspiration and knowledge to help you learn, grow and make behavior changes beyond what you could accomplish alone. Each coaching relationship is personalized to fit your needs and help you accomplish your individual goals.

Individual Coaching Program

Get Nutritionally Fit with Laura!  This 8 week program will challenge you to follow a new habit each session.  Each session, a new healthy lifestyle topic will be presented.  As the program progresses you will be challenged with maintaining the previous habit(s) along with a new habit.  By the end of the 8 sessions you will have the knowledge, tools and practice to create a nutritionally fit lifestyle!

Nutrition Check-Up

A 60-minute consultation to provide a plan of action to implement proper nutrition changes.  You will be asked to record 3 days of food records prior to the appointment.  Once the session is complete and goals are established you will receive a personal meal plan.

Sessions will be done via phone, web-cam or in person depending on location and preference.

24-hour cancellation policy:  We politely request clients contact DIYK at least 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments.  If appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand, the scheduled consultation will be billed.

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

You will work with a professional dietitian to coach you toward your personal nutrition goals.  Need help with losing weight?  gaining weight? diabetes? or eating healthy to prevent disease?  Program will be customized to your goals.

Coaching via Healthie app,  you track your meals (snap a picture), hunger, weight, exercise etc and Laura will monitor/comment daily to keep you moving toward your health goals.

On-Line Nutrition Course

Step Up To The Plate! Join this 8 week nutrition challenge.  Learn how to build a healthy plate one habit at a time.  Program includes:

  • Nutrition tracking form or use of the “Healthie”  app

  • Weekly educational emails

  • Weekly video check-in’s with Laura

  • Unlimited email/text support

Healthy Kitchen Check-Up

Not sure where to start? Let a dietitian come to your house, take a look at the foods on hand, and teach you how to shop for the best food choices to help you meet your goals.  Optional:  Take a dietitian with you to your grocery store to help you shop! Either way, you will receive a customized brand name shopping list and more.  Call today!

Worksite Wellness Programs

Contact Laura for any  wellness programs:

  • nutritionally fit for groups (better than weight watchers at work!)

  • challenges (healthier than “the biggest loser”)

  • health and wellness fair nutrition education booths

  • speaking/cooking demonstration opportunities

  • wellness programming consulting services