Iced Tea – cold or hot brew?

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Welcome to DIYK!  I’m Laura, Let’s get started…

I’m all about Iced Tea!  I had a client ask questions about brewing tea.  I found there is a lot out there on brewing tea!!  I had no idea and consider myself a tea snob 🙂

For the nutrition benefits of the tea watch this video…  This inspired me to begin cold brewing my tea!!

To sum up cold brewing:

  1. Saves energy (no need to heat the water)
  2. Increases anti-oxidant content
  3. Super easy process – just place tea bags into cold water and steep for 8-12 hours

Laura’s secret tea blend:  family size black tea  bag (=3 tea bags) + 1 tea bag Earl Grey

*personally I use decaf

Now, let’s get healthy, one habit at a time!