I deeply appreciate the time you and Noemi spent with Jim and me at our home; discussing healthy food for our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer; tips for healthy grocery shopping, and what to look for when reading Nutrition labels. The folder of information you gave us is a wonderful resource for shopping and meal planning, and most importantly, goal setting. It is very evident that your clients’ health and best interests are the heart of your business. We admire your dedication to substantiating your advice with research and your professional and unintimidating approach to working with people. Dietitian and Nutrition interns are fortunate to have you as a mentor. Thank you for helping us. We will follow you on your web site and wish you all the best with your business.

Sincerely, Carolyn T.

Carolyn & Jim T.
Healthy Kitchen Check Up

I am pleased with the information I have gotten from you so far, it is helping me a lot to get through this holiday without a weight gain

Mary M
Nutritionally Fit Program

Laura has been amazing and a God send for me!!! I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and what I needed to live well and in moderation, but I didn’t. I was swarmed with misinformation and all the crazy fads out there that weren’t good or healthy for me. I needed to get back on track and she has helped me so much with getting the right nutrients back in, learning again how to not fear enjoying all foods in moderation cuz I want to enjoy life, and gaining weight that I needed to!! I will recommend Laura to anyone that needs help with things like this- she is so caring and knowledgable :). I am so blessed to have her in my corner and on this journey!

Amie W.
Nutrition Coaching

Laura was fabulous! She prepared an excellent, easy to prepare dish for our Triathlon group. She is very informative and helpful. I learned several things I didn’t know about food. You will not be disappointed.

Michelle D
Dinner Party

Laura was very helpful and a big part of my weight loss journey. Our weekly talks kept me on track and I knew I could contact her with any questions I had about nutrition. I lost over 10 pounds after I started working with her and that gave me a lot more confidence. Now I’m able to make good decisions on my own, using the tools she gave me! Thanks Laura!

Chelsea N
Weight Loss Program