Dietitian In Your Kitchen – Is Your Kitchen Lonely?


Is your kitchen lonely? Is it time to take charge of your kitchen?  Most of us agree that eating healthy means eating food you prepare yourself.  No one cares more about what you put in your body than you do!

I’m a huge proponent for meal planning.  Planning ahead for dinner is key for me and my family. It allows us to have healthy meals, use our time wisely by being efficient in the kitchen, and even saves us money!  When I don’t plan ahead, look out!  What typically happens is panic! I come home hungry.  I’m not sure I really care what I eat so I reach for something fast to make. Typically it’s not the most healthy food — it’s the most convenient.  Sometimes that means ordering pizza, or using prepackaged foods that are highly processed with a lot of sodium and a lot of ingredients I don’t recognize.

Did I mention I was a dietitian?  Yep!  Even us dietitians struggle at times in the kitchen.  But I have learned a lot and I don’t find myself struggling much anymore.  I want to share what I have learned.  I don’t want others to continue to struggle… and of course I want to make sure you are able to fuel your body with the best possible nutrition.

I work with clients all the time to help them learn about nutrition and what our bodies specifically need to be healthy and prevent disease.  The problem most of my clients have is implementing what we know into our busy hectic lives.

That’s why I started “Dietitian In Your Kitchen”.  I feel we need to take that next step together.  Let me into your kitchen so I can help you actually prepare healthy food.  Some of my clients have never made more than toast, others know how to cook but get frustrated when time runs out and we have not planned ahead enough to have healthy food around when we need it!  Either way, I want to help.

I highly recommend you read this article:  How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life  According to Mark Hyman in 1900 only 2% of meals were eaten outside of the home.  In 2010 50% of meals are eaten outside of the home!

The family meFamily in Kitchenal has health benefits but also so much more:  “Your child may be 35% less likely to engage in disordered eating, 24% more likely to eat healthier foods and 12% less likely to be overweight (Hammons & Fiese, 2011).”  This statement is from a publication “Do Family Meals Really Make a Difference?” By Eliza Cook and Rachel Dunifon from Cornell University.

So will you let a Dietitian In Your Kitchen?  Do you want help planning a month’s worth of dinners?  I would love to meet with you and your family and help you get back in your kitchen – Let’s get cooking!


More posts to come soon, I plan to provide video posts on cooking techniques and tips.  So stay tuned..