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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, COPE certified Health Coach

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It’s National Hot Breakfast Month and I was honored to demonstrate a hot breakfast recipe from Minerva Dairy.  We used whole grain english muffins and Minerva Amish Roll Butter which is so flavorful you can use less than the recipe calls for!  I used about 1 Tablespoon.  These make grab and go sandwiches for a hot breakfast.  Click here to see the recipe and video.

My January 17, 2017 appearance “Good Day Columbus” Turtle Cookies for National Baking Month.  Click Here for the recipe and video.

10TV:  We talked about New Year’s Resolutions and a recipe for eating healthier and working out.

July 2nd – Healthier option for your 4th of July cookout

Did you miss it?  Laura was on WBNS 10 TV July 2 to offer healthier options to save calories this summer grilling season.  Watch it now. The first recipe for infused water can be found in my blog this month (July).  The Mom Made Turkey Meatball recipes are on the WBNS website.  And finally, here is the Beef Shish Kebabs with Veggies over Rice Enjoy!

Wellness Wednesday: Resolutions for 2016

Laura was interviewed by Ann Fisher “All Sides with Ann Fisher” Wednesday January 30, 2015. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

WOSU re-broadcast: Eat healthier. Stop drinking soda. Spend more time outdoors. Lose 30 pounds by Spring. We’ve made those promises to get fit and healthy in the new year. Unfortunately, most people fall off the wagon within a few weeks. This hour, from dieting to exercise to improving mental health, how to stick with your healthy New Year’s resolutions in 2016.


I have enjoyed the dietetics profession for over 25 years. My passion has become working in the preventative health care area. I truly enjoy helping others achieve optimal health – becoming Nutritionally Fit! I also enjoy giving presentations and working with groups to focus on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.

My current goal is to promote health and wellness through the services offered at Dietitian in Your Kitchen. It is from my work as a nutrition counselor that I have found a disconnect for many of my clients – we know about nutrition, health and wellness, but then the practicality of making it work in our daily lives can be a different story. There seem to be many obstacles that get in the way. My goal is to provide the keys and knowledge to establish meal planning skills to overcome these obstacles. I empower all of my clients to become Nutritionally Fit!

Specialties: Public Speaker; Certified Personal Trainer; Registered Dietitian; Certified in Adult and Childhood  & Adolescence Weight Management; COPE Certified Health Coach through Villanova College of Nursing.

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